Perception is indeed reality.

Everywhere, there will always be judgement. We all will be forever judged. Just as we have our own judgements of other people, they too have their own judgements of us. It's a fair game. I guess it took me a while to realize that. Or perhaps I already knew it, and maybe I just didn't heed the warnings.

Anyway, point is what's done is done. There really isn't any easy to mend something that has already been broken.

And we all are broken. We are bits and pieces of the very whole that from which we have been created from. We heal, but very slowly.

The best way for us to remain intact is to muster our ability to stay alive. For me, since they usually just judge superficially, then might as well play superficially too. Key note, perception is reality. And I perceive that am complete.



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