Multiple Choice

It's page 2 of 366 for 2012, and I'm blogging about this? Haha, how appropriate. :)

But anyway, it's been a couple of months already since I last touched this site. A lot has happened since my last post. A lot of good things has happened. However, allow me to be a little bit emo this early in the year. I'm entitled to anyway. I'll just keep it short and simple. This intro would even be longer than the main content.

I just wanted to air out this concern, as I don't really know how to say it directly. At least I got this documented the one way I know how and as cryptic as I could. How silly of me to have this here and yet I try my best to make it hard for anyone else to relate to. But this is just how I roll. I am, as described, an almost finished project anyway. Only in God's time will I ever be complete. Alright, here we go!

Simply put, there are so many options out there. I'm glad you chose me. I'm not sure why, but right now I'm a little bit jealous of the other choices you've also made. I hope you choose me tomorrow. I'd be happy if you'd have chosen me tonight though. ;)



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